HomeMadeMarket: An online platform for home chefs and local artisans.

HomeMadeMarket connects foodie with passionate home chefs and local artisans. Our platform enables home chefs to earn extra income through their culinary talents and also enables foodies to get unique homemade dishes, delivered right to their doorstep, at affordable price.

What's New

1.Eco World 3D Jelly Workshop

Fun for the whole family with the 3D Flower Jelly Workshop.
Taught by renowned artisan Winny Lam

2.Valentine's Special: 3D Flower Jelly Workshop (Workshop)

Quality romantic time for the lovebirds instead of the usual candle
light dinner for Valentine’s Day

 3.Earth Day Bazaar  (Event)

Sales galore and met amazing, colourful and interesting characters
from various walks of life